New volume of the International Journal of Homiletics

In: ijh-latest-issue, volume 5 (2020) 11 Dec 2020

The latest volume of Societas Homiletica has been released and is available – along with the archive and guidelines for new submissions – at this link

David Stark, Assistant Professor of Homiletics at the School of Theology, University of the South, USA

Managing Editor
Ferenc Herzig, Research and Teaching Fellow at the Institute for Practical Theology, University of Leipzig, Germany

Editorial Board

Júlio Cézar Adam, Professor of Practical Theology, Faculdades EST, Brazil

Alexander Deeg, Professor of Practical Theology, University of Leipzig, Germany

Jaewoong Jung, Assistant Professor of Homiletics, Seoul Theological University, Bucheon, South Korea

Dimitra Koukoura, Professor of Homiletics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Marlene Ringgaard Lorensen, Professor of Practical Theology with special obligations in Homiletics, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Michael Marmur, Rabbi, Professor of Theology/Philosophy, Hebrew Union College, Jerusalem, Israel

Donyelle McCray, Assistant Professor of Homiletics, Yale Divinity School, USA

Dawn Ottoni-Wilhelm, Professor of Preaching and Worship, Bethany Seminary, USA

Theo Pleizier, Assistant Professor of Practical Theology, Protestant Theological University, Groningen, The Netherlands

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