Wittenberg 2012

Viva Vox Evangelii - Reforming Preaching
August 10th–15th 2012
Invititation to Wittenberg
Nearly 500 years ago, the Reformation was initiated in Wittenberg, and it began by Martin Luther inventing a new way of preaching – paying attention to the Scripures, and paying attention to the performance of the living Gospel. „Viva Vox Evangelii“ – this became the slogan to reform preaching as well as to reform church and society at the same time.

So in Wittenberg, in August 2012, the Societas Homiletica will have its biannual conference under that motto: „Viva vox evangelii. Reforming Preaching.“
We invite all Christians who are engaged in teaching homiletics and/or who do research in that field to share their insights and experiences. In Wittenberg, we will experience lively sermons and woship from different cultural traditions. We will reflect on them in small groups and in plenary sessions. For keynote addresses, we have invited well known researchers from Europe, Africa, North America and India, dealing with biblical, linguistic and ritual aspects related to the conference theme. And we will visit several places in the vicinity of Wittenberg, where the living voice of the gospel has had an historical influence and an enduring impact as well. As for homiletical research, we also call for papers connected to the theme.

Practical information

The creation of the Foundation LEUCOREA 1994 had the objective to re-establish academic life at Wittenberg, at that point where 500 years ago was one of the most prestigious universities in Germany opened. From here, initiated the Reformation Luther and Melanchthon.
This tradition, scientific institutions under the umbrella of LEUCOREA enrich the research environment. But also for the implementation of national and international character of scientific events, the Foundation is now known.
In all activities of LEUCOREA there’s a close connection to the Halle University. Finally, the support of research and teaching at the Martin Luther- University is original purpose of the foundation.


Geschäftsführerin: Christine Grabbe
Collegienstraße 62
06886 Lutherstadt Wittenberg
Tel. (0 34 91) 46 61 00
Fax: (0 34 91) 46 62 22
E-Mail: grabbe [at] leucorea [dot] uni-halle [dot] de

For more information and booking see
Getting there by Plane
For international guests it is advisable to fly to one of the two Berlin airports: Berlin-Tegel or Berlin-Schoenefeld.

From Berlin Tegel to Wittenberg: Take the TXL-Bus from Berlin Tegel to Berlin Main Station (leaving in front of Terminal A-building). From Berlin Main Station there are fast trains (ICE-trains) and regional trains (RE-trains) to “Lutherstadt Wittenberg” leaving every hour. Please use the English-language site of “Deutsche Bahn” to plan your travel from Berlin Flughafen Tegel (Berlin Tegel Airport) to Lutherstadt Wittenberg (http://www.bahn.de/i/view/DEU/en/index.shtml).

From Berlin Schoenefeld to Wittenberg: Take the Airport Express Train to Berlin Main Station (leaving every half an hour!). From Berlin Main Station there are fast trains (ICE-trains) and regional trains (RE-trains) to Lutherstadt Wittenberg leaving every hour. Please use the English-language site of “Deutsche Bahn” to plan your travel from Berlin Schoenefeld to Lutherstadt Wittenberg (http://www.bahn.de/i/view/DEU/en/index.shtml).

Directions by Car
Use the A9-highway to Exit “Coswig”. From there it is a 20-minutes (15 km) drive to Lutherstadt Wittenberg.

Directions by Train
There are fast trains (ICE-trains) and regional trains (RE-trains) to Lutherstadt Wittenberg. Please use the site of “Deutsche Bahn” (www.bahn.de; or in English: http://www.bahn.de/i/view/DEU/en/index.shtml) to plan your travel to Wittenberg.

More information?
If you need any help concerning your travel to Wittenberg, please feel free to contact the Secretary of the Societas, Alexander Deeg.
We reserved rooms in two different places:

  • 100 rooms at Luther Hotel (a four star hotel in the centre of Wittenberg; price for a single room: 55 €; price for a double room: 75 € [including breakfast])

  • 45 rooms at Leucorea. our conference venue also (price for a single room: 29 €; price for a double room: 39 € [including breakfast]).

We ask you to make reservations on your own.

If you want to book at Luther Hotel please contact:
Luther Hotel Wittenberg
Neustraße 7–10
D-06886 Wittenberg
Phone +49 (0)3491.4580
Fax +49 (0)3491.458100
and use the code “Zentrum fuer evangelische Predigtkultur” for your booking in order to receive the special price.

If you want to book at Leucorea please contact:
Ms. Becker
Collegienstraße 62
D-06886 Lutherstadt Wittenberg
Tel. +49 (0) 34 91.46 61 32
Fax: +49 (0) 34 91.46 62 22
and use the code “Societas Homiletica” for your booking in order to receive the special price.

More information
If you have any questions concerning the registration procedure please feel free to contact Alexander Deeg any time:
Prof. Dr. Alexander Deeg, Otto-Schill-Str. 2, D-04279 Leipzig [Germany]
+49 (0)341.9735-461 [or: 9735-460 – Alexander Deeg’s secretary]

We are looking forward to meeting you in Wittenberg!
Friday, August 10th
18.00 (Castle vreemd Church) | Opening Worship, Präses Nikolaus Schneider, President of Council of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD)
19.30 (Luther Hotel) | Welcome Reception

Saturday, August 11th
9.00 (Leucorea) | Presidential Address Prof. Dr. Jan Hermelink (Göttingen, Germany), following: discussion in small reflection groups
13.00 Guided Tour | Historical-Theological Sites in Wittenberg
16.00 (Leucorea) | Keynote Address "In principio erat Sermo. Sermon as Act" Marylinne Robinson (Iowa, USA), author (Leareate Pulitzer Price) Response: Prof. Dr. Alexander Deeg (Leipzig, Germany), following: discussion in small reflection groups
19.00 (Castle Church) | Evening Sermon Prof. Dr. Maake Masango (Pretoria, South Africa)
21.00 (Caslte Church) | Choir Concert Gli Scarlattisti (Stuttgart / Hildesheim, Germany)

Sunday, August 12th
Excursion Cultures of Preaching: Dessau - Halle - Leipzig - Torgau - Wittenberg - Worlitz.
Worship, Meeting the Congregation, & Cultural Experience
19.30 (Town Hall) Reception by State, Evangelical Church and Town of Wittenberg

Monday, August 13th
9.00 (Leucorea) | Keynote Address "Symbols are not symbolic: dynamic voices in surprisingly living rituals" Bishop Dr. Martin Modéus (Linköping, Sweden) Response: Prof. Dr. Raymond Khumalo (South Africa), following: discussion in small reflection groups
14.30 / 16.30 Workshops e.g. on "Pastoral training in homiletics", "Bibliologue", "Theatre and Preaching", "Music and Preaching", "Occasional Preaching" and: Discussion of Papers on Homiletical Theory
19.00 (Castle Church) | Evening Sermon Rev. Dr. B.J. Premiah (Madras, India)

Tuesday, August 14th
9.00 (Leucorea) | Keynote Address "Hearing the Scripture - Writing the Gospel. Biblical Notes on scripture and orality"
Prof. Dr. Jan-Dirk Döhling (Bochum, Germany). Response: Rev. Dr. J. Jayakiran Sebastian (Philadelphia, USA), following: discussion in small reflection groups
14.30 / 16.30 Workshops and Discussion of Papers
19.00 (Castle Church) | Sermon Prof. Dr. Young Sil Choi (Seoul, South Korea)
20.00 Closing Banquet

Wednesday, August 15th
9.00 (Leucorea) | Small Reflection Groups: Sermon Analysis
11.00 Final Plenary
12.30 (Town Church) | Closing Worship Prof. Dr. Dawn Ottoni-Wilhelm (Indiana, USA)

Conference proceedings

Wittenberg, Germany

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