Conference Programme

Friday, 25th July

Pick-up from the airport; way to the hotel (JC-Resideny, Madurai;
Registration (at the hotel)

5:00 pm Opening Worship (at the hotel); Sermon: Sermon: Rt. Rev. Dr. M. Joseph, Bishop in Madurai

6:00–8:30 pm Welcome to the Conference Prof. Dr, Alfred Stephen, President of Societas Homiletica / Dinner and Cultural Introduction
Saturday, 26th July

8:00 am Departure from the hotel

8:30–9:00 Welcome at PILLAR

9:00–9:30 Short morning liturgy/devotion at PILLAR Chapel

9:30–10.00 Tea

10:30–11:30 Presidential address (Alfred Stephen; The Indian context and its homiletical challenges)

Transport to the hotel

12:15–1:30 Lunch at the hotel

3:00 Tea

3:30–5:00 Reflection groups (in the hotel; constitution of the groups, first talks about the theme
and about the Presidential address)

5:15 Walk to Lady Doak College (

5:30 Evening service (Lady Doak College; USA; preacher: Frank Thomas)

7:00 Dinner

8:15 Naming and neglecting in Indian films (film studies; introduction to the context and
connection to the theme of the conference)
Sunday, 27th July

ca. 8:00 am Departure from the hotel

8:30 Services in different congregations (every reflection group visits one service; or two reflection groups are combined to visit one service)

11:00 Sharing with the congregation
Lunch with the congregations (return: till 2 pm)

3:30 Tea (at the hotel)

4:00 Reflection groups (at the hotel)

5:30 Workshops and papers

7:00 Dinner

8:00 Concert (in the hotel)
Monday, 28th July

8:00 Departure from the hotel for PILLAR

8:45 Morning worship (musical worship at PILLAR Chapel led by students of Tamilnadu Theological Seminary)

9:45 Keynote: Vulnerability – systematic-theological reflections and homiletical perspectives
Prof. Dr. Ola Sigurdson, Denmark

11:00 Break

11:30 Reflection groups (at PILLAR)

12:30 Lunch at PILLAR

1:30 Departure for hotel

3:30 Afternoon: Excursions in Madurai (Temples)

7.00 Dinner at the hotel

8:15 Vulnerability – an existential perspective Rev. Jairo Suarez, Latin America
Tuesday, 29th July

8:30 Morning service in the cathedral (Brazil; Julio)

10:00 Keynote: Naming and neglecting in preaching – a homiletical perspective

Prof. Dr. Andrea Bieler, Germany

11:15 Reflection groups

12:15 Plenary (questions and theses from the reflection groups)

1:00 Lunch

3:00 Tea

3:00 Workshops & Papers (in two sessions: 3:00–4:30 and 5–6:30)

7:00 Departure from the hotel

7:30 Closing banquet (with Indian dances in the beginning; banquet and cultural sharing)
Wednesday, 30th July

At the hotel:

8:30 Final reflection group

10:00 Business meeting

11:00 Tea break

11:30 Closing worship (College Lady Doak; South Africa)

1:00 Lunch
(Thursday, 31th July)

Excursion package (optional)

(When you are interested to participate in the excursions on Thursday, please check the appropriate box in the Registration Form)
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