Copenhagen 2008

Societas Homiletica – Copenhagen June 20th – 25th, 2008

Dear members and friends of Societas Homiletica!

After a very impressive conference in Pretoria August 2006, I am happy to announce the next international conference in Copenhagen, Denmark June 20th to 25t.

The theme of the conference is:

In search for meaning: does preaching make a difference?

This is the question, we want to discuss within the international diversity of the Societas. We have countries and places marked by secularization and the fear of modernity, where unknown dangers from outside or from future are managed by control, mistrust, promises and entertaining forgetfulness. And we have countries, where difficulties of everyday life seem to crush hope and future, and others where development and empowerment are growing by hard, but possible work. Search for meaning is global, it seems. Conditions, challenges and possibilities differ.

In this global search for meaning we ask: Does preaching make any difference? Certainly preaching everywhere takes part in the search of meaning, but what is the special contribution of preaching?

We will examine the question – if, how, by which means does preaching eventually make a difference – in three dimensions: ethic, theology and the mode of preaching.

Conference fee: Euro 400 which includes the cost of all meals and arrangements mentioned in the program. For Spouses (companions) who only wish to paticipate in the evening arrangements, the fee is Euro 200.
In the conference we will only have three key-note speakers with respondents. This gives us time to work in paper-responding groups and with case-studies: sermon analysis, cases and regional examples related to the subject etc.

We ask members to present their books, large articles or research-results on homiletic on the site (1-2 pages), to make it possible for other members to comment on how they have or will use it in their work – and to make contacts. Please send in appropriate material as soon as possible (1-2 pages). mli [at] km [dot] dk
Hoping to see you all in a midsummer-beautiful Copenhagen. And please contact me, if you need any information in advance.

On behalf of the Board
Mogens Lindhardt

Pastoral College Farvergade 27, F.
DK-1467 Copenhagen K, Denmark

Conference Proceedings

Keynote: Birgit Weyel

Prof. Dr. Birgit Weyel
Lecture: The Mode of Preaching

Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen, Evangelisch-theologische Fakultät

Keynote: Henning Thomsen

dr. Henning Kjær Thomsen
Lecture: Preaching God as Difference in Secular Societies of Modernity
Dean, dr. Henning Kjær Thomsen Aarhus Pastoral Institute, Aarhus, Denmark

Keynote: Charles Campbell

Dr. Charles L. Campbell
Lecture: Ethical Preaching, Preaching of Ethic’s – Does it Make a Difference?
Dr. Charles L. Campbell, Peter Marshall Professor of Homiletics, Columbia Theological Seminary, Atlanta, USA:

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