Studia Homiletica

Preaching Promise within the Paradoxes of Life (Vol. 11)

Studia Homiletica 11: Preaching Promise within the Paradoxes of Life
Len Hansen, Johan Cilliers, editors
Paradoxes have become characteristic of the world we live in – poverty and privilege, empire and oppression, migration and enclaveseeking, war and peace, justice and injustice, reconciliation and revenge. During the 2016 Societas Homiletica annual conference held in South Africa, these paradoxes served as a rediscovery of the calling of preachers to deliver the promise that lies within life’s contradictions. A divine promise brought forth by the grace of God and the gospel of Christ – embodied in and through us by the Spirit of Christ. This promise may take many forms and calls for discernment and often interrupts the status quos in surprising, shocking ways. It is a promise that interrupts, in order to comfort.

AFRICAN SUN MeDIA ISBN: 9781928314479

Viva Vox Evangelii – Reforming Preaching (volume 9)

This volume contains the proceedings of an international homiletical conference, held in summer 2012 in Wittenberg (Germany). The theme „Viva Vox Evangelii – Reforming Preaching“ focus-ses on the vivid and multivoiced performance of preaching; it is worked out by researchers from e.g. North and South America, South Africa, India as well as from North and Middle Europe. The contributions deal with the different social, political, cultural and religious contexts of preaching, and they reflect on the consequences for content and form of the respective sermon. Additionally, the volume gives examples of original sermons from various religious traditions. Many articles are responding to each other, so in effect the volume displays an inspiring view on the international research in homiletics today.

Evangelische Verlagsanstalt | ISBN 978-3-374-03303-4

Preaching – as Picturing God in a Fragmented World (volume 8)

The Ninth meeting of Societas Homiletica was held from August 1 to 5, 2010, on the campus of Yale Divinity School. In this collection you will read the presidential and keynote addresses that were delivered as well as the papers that were submitted and presented on the theme, Picturing God in a Fragmented World. They are essays that span the globe, from Europe, Asia, North and South America, and Africa.

The addresses and papers challenged us to think about God in new ways; to preach in a fragmented world. They called us to understand that preaching is an impossible and wonderful gift that has the potential to reach out to those who are broken, shattered, lost, stiff-necked, arrogant, confused, and searching - so that we all may be one.

Eburon | ISBN 978-90-5972-651-2

Preaching – Does it Make a Difference? (volume 7)

Preaching - does it make a difference in secular societs? And if so, what is to be preached and how must it be done? How can we administer the long Christian tradition in a world, faced with poverty, xenophobia and religious fanatism? Theologians from various continents contribute with pieces of this both current and urgent puzzle.

Aros forlag | ISBN 978-87-7003-663-4

Preaching as Language of Hope (volume 6)

How can preaching bring hope? In a world willed with the apparent pointless suffering of HIV/Aids, poverty, shame and discrimination, is hope still a realistic goal, or has it become a fantasy - an academic concept without any practical use? Throughout Preaching as language of hope it becomes clear that the suffering of Jesus brings hope to people who are suffering themselves and that the sermon is also a bearer of hope.

Protea Book House, Pretoria 2007 | ISBN 978-1-86919-194-8

Preaching – Shaping Experience in a World of Conflict (volume 5)

The meeting in Singapore was a good experience for all. Through the various presentations in the Conference, we discovered that there are not only conflicts in our world, but also much room for dialogue and understanding. This Conference was indeed a real experience of pluralism - pluralism of researchers and teachers of homiletics, pluralism of preachers and participants from various regions and countries of the world. We heard about the preaching in urban Singapore as well as in rural China. We also learned about the different ways of teaching homiletics in Europe, North America, Africa and Asia. | ISBN 981-05-2408-0

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Yale Divinity School seeks to make a tenure track appointment in the field of homiletics, to begin July 1, 2016. The rank of the appointment may be assistant or associate professor without tenure. In an ecumenical environment Yale Divinity School prepares students for ordained ministry in diverse Christian churches and for a wide range of professional involvements, including higher education, law, medicine, the arts, management, and public service. See the website of Yale Divinity School for more information.

Some further information concerning our upcoming conference in Stellenbosch, South Africa, on 11-16 March 2016.
The detailed program will be sent to all members and visitors closer to the date of the conference. We are looking forward to an interesting (and full!) program, with keynote speakers like Father Michael Lapsley, Deborah Mumfoard, Marlene Ringgaard Lorensen, and Allan Boesak. As is our custom, there will be workshops, inter alia on themes like the following: Music and Voice/Music and Preaching; Preaching and Art/Painting; Preaching and Rap/Preaching and Hip Hop; Language and Paradox; a PhD-Café Poster session, etc. Read more…

South Africa is a place of paradox, in fact, many paradoxes. There exists, for instance, the paradox between poor and rich, or rather, between extremely poor and extremely rich – South Africa being identified as the country currently in the world with the biggest gap between those that have, and those that do not have.[1] There is the paradox between luxurious mansions and affluent estates on the one hand, and, on the other, often just a few kilometers from that, struggling townships and dilapidated shacks. There is the paradox – in comparison to many other countries – between the highest figures of unemployment, and the lowest rates of life expectancies; the highest forms of educational inequalities, and the lowest forms of productivity rates; the most sophisticated technological advances in the world (for example the largest disk-shaped telescope, SKA, being constructed in the Karoo[2]), and a seemingly crumbling provider of electricity (Eskom); between being able to host, in the spirit of Ubuntu,[3] one of the most successful Soccer World Cups in history (2010), and experiencing some of the worst bouts of xenophobia ever (in 2008; and again in 2015); between indescribable natural beauty, and inexcusable waste and pollution; between having probably the best political constitution in the world, and some of the worst cases of poor service delivery; between having fabricated Apartheid, but also producing Nelson Mandela, etc. Read more…

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The programme of the 11th conference in Madurai can be found on this page. PDF-download of the programme is available.

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Alfred Stephen, president of Societas Homiletica 2013-2014. Dr. Stephen is Professor of Homiletics and Academic Dean of Graduate Studies at the Tamilnadu Theological Seminary.

Alfred Stephen, president of Societas Homiletica 2013-2014. Dr. Stephen is Professor of Homiletics and Academic Dean of Graduate Studies at the Tamilnadu Theological Seminary.

As President of Societas Homiletica I am pleased to invite you for the upcoming conference in Madurai, India.

Madurai which is called a Temple city and a ‘City that never sleeps’ is situated in the southern part of Tamilnadu state. It is known as Christian Missionary field and educational centre. It is also known for its Literary Tamil cultural heritage and temples. Multi Religious and cultural and caste context of Madurai pose unbelievable challenges to preachers and call for creative contextual paradigm of theology.

To expose the teachers of Homiletics to the unique phenomenon of Indian preaching context and to be realistic to it, the Board of Societas Homiletica has decided to hold the theme of the conference as

Preaching Vulnerability: Naming and Neglecting Reality.

Vulnerability is a reality of one group of people who are called Dalits, in India. They are succumbed to violence, abuses of all kinds, discrimination, lose of dignity, bonded labourer system, subjective educational system, denial of access to public places etc. Read more…

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The International Board of Societas Homiletica announces the theme for the 11th International Conference, to be held in Madurai (India) from 25-30th July 2014.

Preaching Vulnerability. Naming and Neglecting Reality.

Read the introductions to the theme from a Global perspective (written by boardmember dr. Dawn Ottoni-Wilhelm) and from an Indian perspective (written by our host and president, dr. Alfred Stephen).

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The website of Societas Homiletica has been redesigned. The template of the site is more responsive and better viewable on tablets. We are still in the process of transferring the data from the previous site to the new site. Please contact the webmanager in case you have questions or suggestions.