Donyelle Charlotte McCray – What’s at stake in a preacher’s spirituality of time?

In: Int Journal of Homiletics, volume 1 (2016) / 1 15 Feb 2016

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A preacher’s spirituality of time may seem like a peripheral issue, but this realm is one where much is at stake. In this article I argue that the preacher’s approach to time scaffolds the overall endeavor. I begin by considering the church’s unique position in time, arguing that the church is fundamentally an event or a happening rather than an institution. Then, I explore ways preaching can foreground the church’s identity as an event. After describing preaching as the narration of a theological moment in the church’s life, I turn to practical implications. In addition to
homileticians, my primary interlocutors for this piece include two renowned spirituality scholars, Evelyn Underhill and Abraham Joshua Heschel. I conclude that ecclesiology, pneumatology, and performance are all profoundly shaped by a preacher’s appreciation for the holiness of time.